Friday, July 10, 2009

Darren's Graduation

Darren has now graduated....that is the end of all the nieces and nephews....Katelin also graduated this year. I can't believe he is all grown up. I can still remember when he was just little....he was one of the cutest little kids you ever saw. We always thought that he was going to grow up to be a politician because everything he said was always the best thing to say....he had a real talent for shmooshing his mom! It's been fun to watch him grow up and see how good he has done in so many things. I get to ride back and forth to work with him sometimes and the last months you can just see his growth....he's going to do great in whatever he chooses to do. We love you're awesome!

No one....and I mean no out and is prouder of their son than Kathie is of Darren. She loves him to infinity and beyond. I think that Darren is so lucky that he has such great parents...and they can be proud of Darren!

It was so fun to share this day with Darren and the Family....we feel blessed!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Zach

Zach turned 23 this year and we decided to have a Celebration!!!! After all Zach is a great reason to celebrate. He is such an awesome person. Zach has always been easy going and loving....unless you push the wrong button...but that doesn't happen very often. It is inspiring to watch how he lives his life, he is so disciplined and can pretty much accomplish anything he puts his mind to. He always makes the right choices (one reason is because he analyzes everything he does) and always maintains a calmness...He loves the gospel and really knows his scriptures...he pretty much loves everyone but he especially loves his wife who is the perfect mate for him, it's fun to watch how good he is to her....Zaira is one lucky girl! I know great things are in store for Zach!! We love you Zachy-poo-poo
We tried to have a surprise party for Zach....but we weren't very successful in the planning because Zach decided to go to work early that day which meant that he got home early. Zaira tried to get him to go do some other things but it was one of Zach's rare moments of stubbornness and he refused. Anyway the party was fun....even if it wasn't a surprise! Thanks to all the family who came.
I hope the wish was a good one because it is definately going to come true!

Zaira picked him out a purple V neck tshirt....just to style him up a bit....he even liked it!

We all think Zach walks on water!
Brookie was our entertainment with her very own rendition of "Camp Rock"

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brooklyn's Preschool Graduation

Brooklyn has officially graduated from preschool and is heading for kindergarten! She has attended the same preschool class for the last three this was quite the celebration! Brookie has done awesome in preschool and learned so many fun things. It has been fun watching her grow up into quite the little Lady....We love you Brookie!
I think her teacher picked the smartest, cutest, best pupil to lead the Pledge of Allegiance...and guess who that was.....your right....Brooklyn! Is she just the cutest thing you've ever seen!

Their class performed lots of songs...all with cute actions. Each student also had a speaking part. Brooklyn knew just what to do on everything.....She stole the out Hannah Montana here comes Brookie!

Brookie Loved getting her roses from her Dad...whom she has wrapped around her little finger... and her mom!

This was a celebration for the whole Family!

...even Aunt Ziara joined in the fun!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Visit to Tucson

After months of planning the wedding and having it turn out perfect, Lloyd and I decided to take a trip to Tucson to see Amy and Steve and the kids.  We went so that we could be there for Savannah's choir concert and her kindergarten graduation.   I'm amazed at how fast the kids are growing.  One day we were driving in the car and Tyler was explaining to Savannah about tornados, he was doing it so intellectually that I had to turn around to see if he was reading from a book!  It is so fun to visit and just relax and play with the kids...all the kids are so dang cute!!!!
Paige LOVED her was so cute....she would only let Grandpa help her color!
Savannah had an amazing kindergarten year!  At the first of the year they determined that she already knew everything that she was suppose to learn for the whole year.  Her teacher was unbelievable and made arrangements for Savy to go to first grade in the morning where she advanced in reading and then she would spend the afternoon in her kindergarten class...Savy really excelled!  Her graduation was so cute....all the kids had tie dyed matching shirts and they had a luau them....they sang Beach Boy songs from the 60's and did really good.

Dax and Paige thought the whole day was wonderful!

It was Savannah's choir concert while we were there.  She performs with a little group and is by far the cutest one of all!

One of Savannah's favorite songs is Honk-shuuu....  It's a song about how Grandpa snores as he sleeps.... Savannah was the star of this performance!
Savannah loved her roses she got!

We were there for Memorial Day and Steve had the day off so we packed up the kids and went to the Desert Museum.  Tyler loves things like that and we all had fun learning about all kinds of favorite was the stop for Ice Cream!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Brittany and Jordan's Wedding

Brittany's day started really early. Her Sealing was scheduled at nine so she was up and getting ready by six. Michelle and Rachel came to the house to do her hair and make-up before she left. Now how special is that.....and they both did an amazing job. When Brittany walked out those temple doors she looked absolutely breathtaking....and that is no exaggeration!

I swear I almost cried when I saw how gorgeous Brittany looked that day....and Jordan looked as handsome as have to agree they make a darling couple!

After an amazing morning at the temple we arrived at the Robindale Chapel to find everything simply beautiful for the reception which turned out to be and evening filled with sparkle and fun. Brittany's flowers were gorgeous as was everything. It was definitely a magical night

The kids had the perfect view for the dances!

Lloyd and Lore, Jordan's mom, both did recordings to Brittany
and Jordan which were played during their turned
out to be one of the funnest memories of the night!

It was so fun to share this perfect night with so many friends and family members. We are so excited for Brittany and Jordan....I think this was a marriage made in Heaven!